The Ideal Loan to Unburden Your Finances

He spent the end of the month, could not pay all the expenses and the account continued in the red ... Special check and credit card have even become his best friends. You can not continue like this, right? If cutting spending alone is not enough to balance your budget, the best alternative is to ask for a hand in a loan. With the money in the account, you take away everything you owed and get a small interest rate, just right for your pocket.

Nowadays it is very easy to hire online, but did you know that you have thousands of types of credit? A wrong choice when it comes to hiring and you can go back to what you were trying to keep far away: the snowball. Be very careful at this time!

The big secret for this does not happen is to think of the loan as if it were a product that you need to buy. You can not just take the first one home, right? Searching for prices, deals and the best forms of payment is always good. And with a loan it's the same thing! In addition to the different rates offered by the institutions, there are also some types of credit with particular characteristics that must be considered. Therefore, it is always good to understand the positives and negatives of each of them .... And in this task, we help you!

Loan with guarantee

Remember when you wondered if it would be worth putting the car as collateral for the loan ? This is a well-known form of credit, since it has a safeguard in the event of non-payment, and interest rates are often low. Another advantage is the possibility of negative people being offered - but this will depend on the analysis that the Financial institution makes, okay?

Despite this, we also have to consider that there are several rules for the good to be accepted by the lender - very old cars, for example, can hardly be placed as collateral - and that if you do not pay the installments, you will lose it !

Payroll loan

If you do not like putting your thing at risk, you can think of the payday loan ! Just like the previous one, it usually has small interest rates because all the installments are discounted directly from the payroll before even the salary, retirement or pension reaches your hands. This brings much more security to you, who does not have the chance to be owed, and to the lender, who is sure of receiving. But remember that there is a limit amount of 35% of the income that can be offered.

In case of this type of credit, a specific care must be taken! Since you are not the one who performs the payment of the installment, but the automatic debit, it is easy to forget that it exists, right? So there is the danger of spending the way you used to, and when the pay falls, realize that you do not have enough to pay the bills. Do not forget to follow a financial planning and always put the loan on it! Oh, and remember that not everyone has access to payroll. Generally, this credit is offered to those who are employees with a formal contract, retirees and public servants.

Personal loan

That third type is that communion! You apply for a loan to a financial institution, it reviews your payer profile and gives you an offer based on the assessment made. Then it's up to you to pay the installments every month - otherwise, the name gets dirty in the square and the interest can turn into a snowball, see? Many companies offer automatic debit option as well.

As in the other two, in this case it is very important to research well the fees charged by the institutions, since every penny less makes a lot of difference in the end. In Just , partner GuiaBolso , for example, as the interest is fully customized and the whole process is done online form, interest offered are very low (starting at 1.9% per month)!

Now, with all these answers, it will be much easier to achieve the success of your business! But do not forget that even with the right choice, all the attention is needed, okay?

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 08:16 PM