For those who like to practice physical Sports regularly, nothing better than staying inside of good stretching tips. Although this seems like an easy and intuitive part of the process, it is normal for many people to have questions about how to practice it.

Modes such as yoga and pilates use only the stretches to compose your series of physical exercises. Therefore, it is no wonder that they deserve increased attention so that they are executed in the best possible way!

Here are 5 stretching tips that will help you improve your relationship with your body and health:

Take care of the breath

A very important tip before even stretching has to do with breathing. It is essential point in the exercise and must be done in the correct way.

Breathing has the power to oxygenate your muscles and the whole body during stretching, a factor that improves the results of the activity and makes you feel much better.

The tip is to breathe out while you are making the move and do the whole process of breathing - inspiration and exhalation - during your time stopped at that specific stretch.

Stretch before and after physical activity

Before high-performance physical activity, do stretching exercises for about 20 minutes. Varies a lot in the type of exercise you want to perform.

Do stretches to all parts of the body and do not accelerate in counting time. It's a very important part of your workout: do not treat it as boring or unnecessary.

Stretch your legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back and all that is needed. At the end of the exercise, repeat some of these activities to end the training process and keep your body without aches or tensions.

Have an athlete's posture

Whether it's stretching time or bodybuilding or other high-performance exercise, keep your spine upright.

Many people overlook this essential detail to keep your body healthy and well disposed, but a back pain can progress to something more serious in a short time of carelessness.

Start your training through the primary muscles

Stretching, as well as practicing high-performance exercises, must begin with the primary muscles. They are the ones that will release the other muscles to develop.

This will help you to have a significant improvement in your movements when it comes to practicing the heaviest workout, as well as helping you to achieve better results after practicing.

Have a predefined sequence

Just like in bodybuilding or sports training you have a sequence of exercises to do, in stretching can not be different: always keep this sequence so that your body and your muscles have satisfactory results.

At first, the exercises can be difficult or tedious to do and repeated to exhaustion. However, with the time and custom to perform such activity, they will bring you more disposition and well-being.

Remember that stretching is indicated for any and all physical activity. Do everything in the most correct way and always count on the help of a professional.

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 08:17 PM