Practicing Outdoor Sports does very well for both body and mind. If you enjoy beautiful scenery and a bit of adventure you will love playing sports in the middle of nature. Whether in the park, on the street or on the beach, take in the scenery and the fresh air can make your experience even better.

To help you choose which activity to practice, we separate seven outdoor sports tips that you will enjoy. Check it out!

1. Hiking

Walking is a very healthy and easy exercise. It is a simple and inexpensive way to exercise. The practice is over-recommended by cardiologists and orthopedists for people of various ages.

Walking helps improve posture, contributes to blood circulation, and strengthens muscles. In addition, the activity helps reduce the risk of depression, diabetes, high cholesterol and even some types of cancer.

An excellent place to practice this activity is the Tijuca Forest - the largest urban forest in the world. In it, there are varied trails, such as Pico da Tijuca and Pico do Papagaio. Just choose one of them to venture out!

2. Race

Another classic among outdoor sports is the race. Anyone who has decided to accelerate the trek needs to take some precautions. Eat well before exercising, wear proper footwear, stretch before running, and, above all, respect the limits of your body.

Running also helps to lose weight, after all, you can burn lots of calories in a run. In addition, jogging prevents cardiovascular diseases and contributes to the strengthening of the immune system.

3. Bike

The bicycle, which was once one of the main means of transport in the world, became a sport that won many fans. Bike riding is an aerobic exercise that improves physical fitness and increases muscle endurance.

For women who love working the lower limbs, pedaling about three times a week can bring very interesting results.

4. Trekking

Trekking means following a trail or walking path. The word of African origin gave the name to the outdoor sport that is a type of hike through trails and mountains. The breathtaking scenery will make the long walks much lighter.

Trekking is a great exercise, both to work the body and to condition the mind. Contact with nature and with oneself helps to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of the athlete.

The Rio reserves incredible places, with lush landscapes for trekking. In the border with São Paulo is Pedra da Marcela, with about 1,800 m of altitude. In Vidigal you will find Morro Dois Hermanos, from where you can see the Atlantic Ocean and other parts of the city. Pico da Tijuca is also a great place to practice sports, its path is considered short and most of the course is protected from the sun.

5. Climbing

Compared to the sports we have talked about here, climbing is the one that offers the most adrenaline and is ideal for those who love to feel that cold in the belly. By requiring too much of the body, scaling is great for increasing muscle endurance.

Climbing also works very well on emotions, such as fear and concentration. In addition, the sport contributes to the balance, which is quite worked in this modality.

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 08:20 PM