5 Tips for Planning a Trip on Your Own - Travel Guide

Have you considered organizing a trip without the help of a travel agency ? This is a practice that is growing more and more, with the ease that technology has brought us, it is possible to do everything alone and to save a lot of money!

We will not go into the merits if it is better to Travel on our own or by agency in this article, on the contrary, the intention is to answer the numerous questions that I have received from people interested in entering this world of independent travelers.

I confess that all the trips I've done have been on my own, I'm quite organized and I love planning, but do not think that they were always a thousand wonders and that everything goes exactly the way we want it, but that's part of the fun.

After many years of traveling independently, I can say that anyone can organize their own trip, just a little bit of time and willpower.

I decided to create this guide with the step by step I use to organize my trips and also my travel consultancies, in addition I will leave the sites, applications and tools that I use to travel cheap . I suggest you save this page to your favorites for future reference.

Below is the list of what we will discuss in this article for you to learn how to plan a trip on your own. The guide is very complete, but if you do not feel confident to organize everything yourself, do not despair, seek the help of a travel agency , ask for a travel advice budget , ask friends and family for help, but never give up traveling! Come on? Ready to start organizing your trip on your own?

1 - Benefits of organizing a trip on your own

Before you arrange a trip on your own, you need to know what the benefits will bring you. Feel that it's you who rules! Staying inside a bus all day running around town and following a crowd of people, does not have to happen, if you do not want to.

Your trip will be personalized, you just do what you want, whenever you want. You decide where you are going to eat and if you want to stay longer in a place that you like very much, no time to leave.

Believe, the freedom to choose what you want to do and when to do and the economy will make up for any effort. But the biggest reward of planning your trip on your own, is exactly in the planning: researching, reading and talking with people who have already visited the destination you want to go, you end up discovering countless details that you would never have discovered if you had not put your hand in the mass .

The waiting and the expectations that we create become part of the experience and ends up becoming one of the most pleasant moments of the trip.

Enjoy to read the article: You will be happier if you let go of things and go live experiences . - That talks about the value of experiences.

2 - Make a document in Google Drive

Once you know the benefits of planning your trip on your own, it's time to put your hand in the dough.

Make a document for your travel itinerary, the document need not necessarily be in Google Drive, it can be on your own computer, or on a sheet of paper. I like Drive because I can access from wherever I want and I can also share with people, an example was in the script I made for Thailand that I shared with my boyfriend.

Name this document for " Roadmap to ... " and your journey will begin here, when you take a dream from thought and play it on paper (even if digitally) that dream materializes and gains strength! From now on, your searches will be placed in this document and your roadmap will start to take shape.

3 - Budget

Yes, the budget comes before the choice of destination. We have to be realistic, it's no use hitting your foot that wants to make a trip to another continent and only has $ 500.00 of budget. Unless of course, you will save up to the day of the trip and will be able to add an X amount to travel.

I particularly only travel after I have the trip paid, I do not leave to pay the tickets at the time and let come account of the trip 10 months on the credit card, after I have already returned from travel. When I come back from a trip, I already start planning the next one, even if it takes time.

Now, put everything on the tip of the pencil and see how much money you will have available for that trip and let's go to the next step for you to learn how to plan your trip on your own.

4 - Choosing the destination

Budget defined, now yes it is time to decide the destination. I suggest you have more than one option always, I always have a 4 destination options at least, promotions often occur for some destinations and may not be the only one you have chosen.

Have more alternatives, it is better for you to research and compare prices. And in the end choose the one that fits best and fits in your pocket.

Have a Wish List , do you know that list of places you want to meet before you die? There is not? Then create one! Like I said up there, throw your dreams on paper as they gain strength!

5 - Date available for travel

Now with at least 4 destinations in hand, see the time period you have to travel. Some places like the Caribbean, for example, have a hurricane season, and Asia has a monsoon season and it will not be a good deal for you to pay less to travel, but to stay locked in a hotel room all the time, right?

So research on the destinations you want to visit, which is the best time to go, when it is high and low season, some places like northeastern Brazil, it is heat year round and you can save a lot in the off season if you have flexibility of dates, of course.

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 08:22 PM