Practice Sports: Soccer with Friends is a Great Tip

Within their possibilities and also preference, all people should do at least 30 minutes of physical activities, three times over a week. Out of this minimal situation, the individual fits as a sedentary and enters a group at great risk of contracting serious health problems.

Sports is something essential to ensure the health of your body and also of your mind. After all, when performing a physical exercise, your body naturally releases substances responsible for the feeling of well being, making this act extremely pleasant. In this way, starting or resuming the practice of a modality at the beginning of the year can be a way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Check out some sports suggestions that also amuse:


On the beach, on the court or on the grass, football is the favorite and most practiced sport among Brazilians. The hometown of soccer shoes loves to accompany the stars and also risk their dribbling in moments of slack. So it's a great option to get your friends together on weekends, at night, or at any interval to hit a ball. You'll be catching up with your friends and your fitness up-to-date. It is worth remembering that each minute of rolling ball corresponds to the burning of 9 calories.


Volleyball has also become a real passion in the country due to the excellent results of the men's and women's teams in recent years. In addition, playing volleyball is very simple. Just a space, a ball and a net. Sometimes, even the net is not needed to ensure the fun and caloric expenditure, which is six kcal per minute. Another more refreshing way of practicing the sport during the summer is to put a hammock in a pool and take advantage of swap passes. Your fun is guaranteed!

Ride a bike

Many people also enjoy cycling at the end of the day. Practically, everyone learns to ride a bicycle in their infancy and exercise is very simple. In addition, you can practice exercising while traveling to work, college or some other appointment. You end up swapping the car for the bike and it ensures the burning of six calories per minute. Whether for fun or need, pedaling is always a pleasurable and economical activity, after all, you do not spend any money to get around.

To dance

Did you know that dancing can also be a great exercise? Besides demanding balance, agility and good physical training, dancing is a very fun thing. The traditional ballroom dance spends about 4 calories per minute, while the fastest movement can get you burning 600 calories per hour. So if you feel lazy to do some activity over the weekend, know that going to party or partying can be a good alternative to keep your body in shape.

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 07:06 PM