Travel to Cancun: Tips and Travel Guide

Cancun is a destination of many's desire. It would suffice only the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean for the city to attract the attention of the Brazilians, but it does not stop there. Great resorts, festivals, culture, shopping and diverse entertainment options make Cancun one of the most sought after by travelers of all ages.

The beauty of this paradise in Mexico is truly unquestionable!

Interested? So let's know more!

Understand Cancún:

Cancun is located in Mexico, more precisely in the Yucatan peninsula . The city is one of the main tourist destinations of the Caribbean - inclusive, it is exactly the tourism that turns the economy there.

The structure of the city is to be impressed: imposing hotels, extremely varied cuisine restaurants and leisure options (including excellent nightclubs) are everywhere. No wonder, Cancun is highly sought after by tourists from various parts of the world.

When to travel to Cancun:

The dry season runs from December to February . This would be the ideal time to visit Cancun (after all, we do not want a vacation with rain!) - but it's worth noting that it's also high season, meaning prices may be higher.

The truth is that it's hot all year round in the city and tourists really show up there every day of the year.

The ideal is to avoid the hurricane risk period, which runs from June to November; the spring break season, which runs from March to early April; and the months of September and October, because they are rainiest months.

Things to do in Cancun

Leisure and entertainment options are not lacking in a trip to Cancun , but the beaches that end up catching the attention of everyone!

Well, if you choose to stay in the Hotel Zone , for example, where the main hotels are, you'll have a wonderful beach full of structure every day for your enjoyment and peace.

Hotels really "dominate" much of Cancun's waterfront and access to the beaches is somewhat obstructed for those who do not stay there. But, there are public beaches. We separate two super important:

Play a Delfines

Probably the most famous public beach in Cancun. She is much sought after to practice sports by having waves and being more hectic.

Play a Tortugas

Small, beautiful, quiet sea and great option for those staying in the center. The most important thing is that it is from this beach that the boats depart that take you to Isla Mujeres (wonderful !!)

But not only the beach lives Cancun - the city has amazing sights and attractions for all tastes!


Have you heard of the Cenotes? They are amazing and are in the area of ​​Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Cenotes are like deep caves with blue waters and extremely crystalline. The ideal is to look for those less famous. Because of their beauty, they attract thousands of tourists - which can take away the charm of the place a little. But anyway, do not miss it, it's worth it!

The water activities are also present in the mountains: jetski, parasail, snorkel, diving, boat or sailboat ride, flyboard ... Everything you are looking for you will find there!


How about visiting archeological sites? Chichen-Itza is a Mayan relic, extremely famous and considered one of the new wonders of the world. It's not exactly in Cancun - it's a good 200 km by then - but the giant pyramid of Kukulcan makes the trip worth it!

Next to Cancun there are also several water parks, with various options linked to nature. The X-caret is the most famous of them - and at least a visit there is mandatory!

Once in Cancun, it is also worth exploring the surroundings:

Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are wonderful destinations that are gaining momentum today.

But what about shopping?

Thousands of Brazilians who go to Cancun take the opportunity to come back with a bag filled with news. One of the most famous shopping malls in Cancun is the Kukulcan Plaza. In it is the Luxury Avenue that, as the name says, brings together brand new and refined super refined.

Besides it, there are also: Plaza La Isla (all open, with great shops and restaurants), Plaza das Américas, Plaza Caracol and Flamingo Plaza.

All ready? So keep an eye on the tips:


Brazilians do not need a visa to travel to Mexico. Take your passport only and have the round trip data in hand (not extremely necessary, but it is good practice to do this for all your international travels).


Although the official currency in Cancun is the Mexican peso, the use of the dollar is extremely normal in the city. What can happen is you use the dollar in commercial establishments and receive the change in pesos.


In Cancun, the tip is expected - even in the taxi! The customs are very similar to those of the Americans. Consider giving at least 10% tip. For the suitcase carrier, $ 5 is a good idea! In restaurants, 10% represents a common service, consider giving at least 15% if you are satisfied.

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 07:08 PM